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Memory Care

Clatsop Care Memory Community is a residential care facility designed specifically for residents who are living with dementia. We focus on resident-centered care, foster a stimulating and nurturing environment, and facilitate as independent a life as possible.

Our location makes it easy for local families to remain close to loved ones who are living with memory loss and other forms of dementia. And as part of Clatsop Care Health District, the Memory Community is the only one of its kind in the local area to offer an extended network of services through the District's other programs.

Clatsop Care Memory Community–from the layout of the property, to the furniture, décor and music–is designed to provide a mentally and emotionally stimulating environment for residents living with dementia.

The property features three enclosed courtyards so residents are safe to walk outdoors, and can enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

One- and two-bedroom units are available. Living units are clustered into one of four neighborhoods, each painted a different color for easier recognition. There are two community dining rooms, two kitchenettes, and multiple activity spaces.

Clatsop Care Memory Community is staffed 24/7 by care professionals who are trained specifically to work with residents living with dementia. We maintain a higher-than-average staff-to-resident ratio to ensure the best level of care.

In addition to caregivers and operational staff, we have a registered nurse and activities coordinators onsite five days a week.

Clatsop Care Memory Community offers low rates and accepts private pay and Medicaid. Costs vary by the size of unit selected, and are all-inclusive. There is no point system or other needs-based fee structure. Call us to learn more about cost, and for what coverage benefits you may be eligible.

Clatsop Care Memory Community is proud to provide our residents with three delicious meals each day. See a sample menu.

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