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What We Do

Clatsop Care Health District provides a range of services for seniors and others who need specialized care. In many cases, our care programs enable clients and residents to remain in Clatsop County near their families and friends, rather than having to relocate to a larger community to receive care.

No other local organization offers the range of services we do, including in-home care, assisted living, short-term and outpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, skilled nursing and memory care. And because our services are connected through Clatsop Care Health District, it's easier for clients and residents to transition between care programs as their needs change.

Clatsop Care Health District is a not-for-profit, publicly owned organization. As such, we are able to deliver great value for a very reasonable cost. Contact us at 503.325.0313 to discuss your needs and for what coverage benefits you may be eligible.